Free transport
for elders

We are changing the state of loneliness and isolation of elders, who don't have the luxury of transport.

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Why take a ride with Cotravellers

We've enabled transport to over 180 elders

We encourage an active life

We believe that active participation is crucial for every elderly person. We encourage independence and offer help, where needed.

We connect

We enable the elderly, who live outside urban centres and towns (and are therefore facing poor traffic connections), to attend cultural events, exhibitions, meet friends etc. They are no more excluded from cultural happening and social life because of their remote dwellings.

We participate

Taking a ride with Cotravellers is more than just transport. During the ride our passengers spend some time with our volunteer cotravellers, exchange experience, advice or just a chat. By cooperating, we are bridging the virtual gap between the younger and older generation.

We respect nature

When possible, we optimize the number of rides, so that our passengers share a ride with other elders.

We support volunteering

Our institution participates in events to promote volunteering. We believe that everyone can devote a piece of his time to volunteer work. You never know, you might find more pleasure in helping others than in "resting" :)

Cotravellers enabled me to visit a friend, whom I haven't seen for over 40 years. We performed military service together.

Marjan Počkar Barka

Cotravellers take me anywhere I need to go, wait for me and then drive me home.

Jasna Bradač Kačiče

Answers to frequently asked questions

Yes. Transport within our operational area, which is in the municipalities of Divača, Sežana and Hrpelje-Kozina, is free of charge. Of course, we are always happy to receive any voluntary contributions, which help us cover fuel and service expenses.
Experience show that a lot of our users need transport over longer distances (e.g. to a doctor in Izola or the capital Ljubljana). That's why we decided to offer transport over longer distances as well, but in that case we ask the passenger to make a donation to cover the fuel expense. If you need a ride over a longer distance, you should book your date as soon as possible, as we usually give priority to rides within our operational area.
Simple – call us at 031 831 030, let us know when and where you need to go and the approximate time of return. If the term is free, we will book it for you. If possible, we ask you to call us at least a few days before the time of transport, because we are very busy.
If you are a pensioner, you can call us any time. Of course, your grandchildren are also welcome to join :)
Of course! Just make sure that your pet will be safe and comfortable during transport: use a basket or a box with impermeable pad, a harness with the possibility of attachment to a safety belt etc. If you are planning to take your pet, let us know when you book the ride.
Excellent! Drop us a line and become part of the story of cotravelling!
Thank you! Read more about this here.

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