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Sopotniki is an organisation for intergenerational solidarity, operating as a non-profit private body, registered in Slovenia's register of voluntary organisations. We are currently financed from three sources: donations from supporters and our satisfied users, corporate donations and by municipalities.

If you wish to support us as an individual or a company, you can:

1) wire-transfer the chosen amount to our bank account:

Zavod Sopotniki, Kraška ulica 2, 6210 Sežana, Slovenia
IBAN: SI56 0223 6026 0857 103 (NLB d.d.)
Code: CHAR (charity payment)
Reference: 00 (date of transfer) 


2) donate via  PayPal 


If you have any questions, call 040 162 875 (Marko) or write us at info@sopotniki.org.