About us

Sopotniki (meaning: Cotravellers) is an organisation for intergenerational solidarity which was established to help elders get involved in active social life. Through intergenerational solidarity we want to prevent the state of isolation and loneliness of elderly people from small remote villages, who almost never leave their homes due to remoteness, lack of transport means or poor traffic connections.

Our free transport service enables elders to attend cultural events, visit friends, go to the doctor, go shopping etc. In this way they can run their errands independently and carefree as well as make new acquaintances and keep social contacts with the wider environment, which would otherwise be out of reach. We drive them around to run errands, go for a visit, attend cultural events or just take a trip.

Who are Sopotniki? 

We are volunteer drivers of different ages and occupations. We have adapted our work and study obligations in such way that we can in turn provide the service six days a week, from morning and until the last passenger arrives home safely. 

We cover small villages and towns in the regions of Slovene municipalities Hrpelje - Kozina, Divača, Sežana, Sevnica, Brežice, Postojna, Krško and Kočevje. Upon request we can also drive our passengers to further places.

We consider our service an innovative approach towards the mobility of rural elders which will soon expand to many other parts of Slovenia.